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Mixed Media Art Journaling – Fantasy Flower Garden

Are you looking to start your year with some mixed media creative play? Why not join me for in my monthly art journaling classes and learn the basics, or extend the skills you already have? Themes and techniques change each month but the thing that remains constant is the fun we have!

What would your fantasy flower garden look like? Would it be filled with colour? Alive with bugs and beetles? Perhaps it will have a teensy shed in the corner for the resident fairies? Why not join me as we play with the new Royal Talens Amsterdam acrylic inks and doodling techniques to create a fantasy flower garden.

We will be working in an A4 sized journal and please have on hand –
Acrylic inks (not Dylusions ink sprays) – I have used blue, yellow, gold plus a variety of flower colours
Quotes or wording relating to flowers or gardens for journaling
Fine black pen for journaling
Black & white paint pens in various widths or fine paint brushes and paint
Pencil, rubber
White gesso
Liquitex Matt medium
Permanent brown ink
Stamping ink in shades of green. Class inks will be available.
Sponge for stencilling, the Tim Holtz mini ink blending tool and a few sponges will be handy to have
Variety of stencils for pattern making, small patterns plus one with a large open pattern will be useful
A selection of paint brushes for mark making, a #6 round & narrow filbert will be useful
~ 1” wide, flat brush for matt medium
Small amount of thin collage paper
Paint palette – one with separate wells will be very useful
Non–stick craft mat
Spray bottle for water
Baby wipes
Paper towel
Container for water
Heat tool
N.B. For this class we will be creating with Royal Talens Amsterdam acrylic inks which are new to Bella Paperie. Please bring whatever acrylic inks you have and we can talk through the various differences between them. I will have a selection of inks available for use in class.

Bella Paperie is located at Shop 33, 302 South Pine Road, Brendale. Phone 3205 5911 to book. Class runs 10am – 2pm, January 7 and costs $30 with some supplies provided.


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Café Girl – my September Mixed Media Journal Class

Over the past few years I’ve been creating simple sketches that I’ve come to call my café girls. They have been created on the run during vacations, during down time in cafés as I wait for my food and during those times when I’m waiting for something to happen. Simple sketches, with minimal supplies that have morphed into soulful girls with expressive faces that remind me of time and place.

I’d like to share my café girls in a mixed media journal class and you are invited! I find creating these girls are the perfect escape for an art fix, don’t worry if you can’t draw a face as I have a template you can use. Perhaps bring along some inspirational images from magazines and such as a basis for your girl.

Absolute beginners are very welcome but the more experienced are sure to find something to challenge in each class.

Supplies to bring:

  • If you already art journal – bring along your usual kit, if not check the requirements list for a guide on what to bring. You will need an approx. A4 sized journal to begin with – please check in store for details.
  • Collage papers – only a small amount is needed & I’ll have music paper for you to use
  • Stickers for a word/quote if you wish to add something to the page at the end
  • Watercolour pencils in dark brown, dark blue, black & dark grey (Paynes grey is perfect & a black Stabilo will be useful)
  • Extra watercolour pencils in a variety of colours for eyes, lips, cheeks if you have them
  • Acrylic paints in colours suitable for skin, hair & clothing. Appropriate colours for skin will be helpful but I’ll show you how to mix them. Lime green & magenta make a great skin colour!
  • Liquitex matt medium
  • Whtie gesso
  • Clear gesso (don’t buy specifically, in case you don’t need it, I will have some to share)
  • Fine white Sharpie paint pen
  • White gel pen
  • A selection of fine brushes – #4, #6 & #12 round brushes will work well.
  • Flat brush for matt medium
  • Something watersoluble to use for the background – watercolours, Scribble Sticks, Prima watersoluble pastels, Gelatos, watercolour powders will all work well.
  • Graphite paper or similar & biro if you wish to trace the image instead of drawing one
  • Pencil, prefer hard 2H or similar if you wish to sketch the girl
  • Rubber
  • Black permanent pen for doodling
  • Small spatula
  • Paint palette
  • Non–stick craft mat
  • Baby wipes
  • Paper towel
  • Container for water
  • Heat tool

Bella Paperie is located at Shop 33, 302 South Pine Road, Brendale. Phone 3205 5911 to book. Class runs 10am – 2pm, September 3 and costs $30 with some supplies provided.


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Perfectly Imperfect – Lotus bloom art journal class

Our lives are never perfect so why do we expect our art journals to be?

Robyn Wood - Perfectly Imperfect art journal page - Lotus bloom


This Sunday I will be teaching a class that focuses on some simple tricks to keep that inner critic at bay while creating a soothing art journal page featuring a trio of lotus blooms.

While we create, you will immerse yourself in having some colourful, painty fun in your art journal. We will paint, stamp, stencil and sketch away to create a page that will bring a patch of calm to your weekend.







If you already art journal – bring along your usual kit, if not check the requirements list below for a guide on what to bring. You will need an approx. A4 sized journal to begin with – please check in store for details.


Supplies list:

  • I will provide you with the reference images of lotus flowers that I have used. If you would like to paint something different please bring along some images to use and you will need a main image approx. 13cm across plus a single or two smaller images approx. 4cm across. Profile type images will work best.
  • a couple of your favourite stencils, some with open patterns plus text, numbers or words
  • Liquitex white gesso
  • texture paste
  • palette knife
  • approx. 1” wide brush
  • variety of smaller brushes including a small fine one
  • graphite paper or similar if you wish to trace a flower instead of drawing one
  • pencil & rubber
  • Stabilo pencil if you have one
  • black permanent pen
  • white Sharpie paint pen or white gel pen
  • matt acrylic paints in warm & cool colours plus a deep blue and black (Distress & Dylusions paints are perfect). You will need the main colours for your flowers plus some others that are in the opposite colour family.
  • small sponges for paint
  • texture type stamps if you have them. I have used chicken wire & mesh from Darkroom Door.
  • clear Versamark ink & white embossing powder if you have them.
  • non–stick craft mat
  • baby wipes
  • paper towel
  • container for water
  • heat tool
  • gloves

Bella Paperie is located at Shop 33, 302 South Pine Road, Brendale. Phone 3205 5911 to book. Class runs 10am – 2pm, May 7th and costs $30 with some supplies provided.

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Art Catch Up – online art class love

You can probably guess; I love online art classes – I have joined lots of them over the years with varying degrees of success. Usually, I underestimate the amount of free time I will have or the amount of practice needed to achieve the skills I was hoping to learn. Occasionally a class steals into my imagination so quietly that I barely notice and the next thing I have completed a whole body of new work based around the class lessons. This happened recently with a class by Jane Davenport & Joanne Sharpe called ‘Miss Quoted’.

Miss Quoted combines Jane’s love of drawing whimsical girls and Joanne’s skills at teaching lettering with their joint fascination with the mercurial properties of watercolours. I was lucky to attend a weekend workshop with Joanne at Jane’s earlier this year and was hooked on her style of teaching – you can’t help but learn and it doesn’t seem like work or dreaded practice to complete the lessons.

Sparkle Quote

Miss Quoted starts with a bunch of lettering exercises, alphabets and such based on our own handwriting. I found it a great way to train my hand back to a bit of cursive style – I’ve been printing my letters for years! Lately I’ve been happily writing quotes in watercolour in the cute Moleskine watercolour journal I am using for class.

Milly & Monty

It wouldn’t be a Jane Davenport class without lessons on drawing whimsical girls and this class is no exception. Jane teaches us to draw girls in a variety of ways with watercolour and her Epic pen. Check it out here if you have no idea what I’m talking about. I am really enjoying the process of combining pen and watercolour, there is something quite freeing about it as it can be quite uncontrollable.

Miss Quoted 2

As the name suggests there are quotes involved – or rather lettering in among the drawings of girls, in their hair, their clothing, across the pages they sit on – wherever they seem to fit best. I created this quartet based on the lessons and love how they turned out.

Miss Quoted 1


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Catch Up – the year so far


IMG_0239Goodness where did 2014 go? Time seems to be passing in a flash and it isn’t helped by the appearance of Easter eggs in our supermarkets before the first week of January was over.

Today I’d like to share a bit of an update on what I’ve been up to since the year began –

Lifebook 2015 has begun and I’ve dipped into a few of the lessons. So far I’ve really enjoyed creating my Beacon of Light girl with Tamara Laporte.  That’s her above – in all her glittery goodness!  I loved doing this year long class in 2014, even though I didn’t complete a large portion of the weekly lessons I learned so much and made lots of lovely online friends.


IMG_0095The Documented Life Project is running again. This is another year long activity run by a group of artists called Art to the 5th Academy. Each month has a theme and there are weekly art and journaling prompts. It is lots of fun and meant I could start a whole new journal, just for 2015! More on that in another post.  This girl was from the first week. I love how sassy she looks!


IMG_9756Another class that I’m working through is 10x10x10x10 with Donna Downey. It is based on creating collaged abstracts onto 10×10 canvasses, one each day for 10 days.  Abstract is not my forte so this class has been a huge learning curve and way out of my comfort zone but I love how the first one turned out.  I’m looking forward to doing an in-person class with Donna in a few weeks!!!

Ali Edwards has always been one of my favourite scrapbookers, I like the nice clean lines she uses on a page and the way each one tells a story. Over the past few years Ali has been running classes based on One Little Word – choosing a word and letting that guide you through the year.  There is a year long class based around the idea and I find it a great way to get the year started and keep thinking about where it is heading.


IMG_0164Another class I’m trying to revisit is Supplies Me with Jane Davenport. I sort of did the class when it first came out a few years ago but never really went through all the exercises properly – this time around I plan to finish as many as I can.

Jane now offers lifetime access to her classes so the already awesome value is multiplied! I learn so much by drawing along with Jane during her online classes – surprisingly you really can learn to draw with an online class!


DRD ATC - Jan 15 - Robyn WoodWith a new year comes a new schedule of ATC swaps run by Darkroom Door. I have always loved playing in this monthly swap, the themes are constantly inspiring and lots of fun. It is great to be able to swap with other artists around the work with a common love of Darkroom Door products to connect us.  Check out the themes for the year and all the details here.

Phew! that is quite a list and there are a bunch of other things that I haven’t included like going on an Instameet in the Brisbane China Town area and going to a burlesque/life drawing event! Talk again soon!