Week 9 – Image Play

Theme VS Story

This week we are studying the differences between themes and stories. I tend to do both for different reasons. When I attend an Instameet the photos have a similar feel due to place or activity but when looked at sequentially they sometimes tell a story.

I think years as a scrapbooker added a bunch of photo composition and image creation tricks to my process but the one I still have the most problem with is taking photos of people. It never seems comfortable! Hopefully going to a bunch of street photography meets will help ease that reluctance.

Photo Collages


One of my collages for this week is a set of images taken during a visit to the Museum of Brisbane with IgersBrisbane. It was an interesting evening that took me back to childhood with a visit up to the clocktower. When I was a kid, City Hall was the tallest building in town but now it is a dwarf! I liked how this set of images worked together, themed around the museum and clock tower but they also tell the story of our group visit.


This next collage is a practice for my final set. I love to take photos of our beautiful city but finding a theme to tie them together is challenging – hard to come up with something a bit different!

There were several tools for the creation of photo collages presented in class and it gave me a prompt to search out a couple of the tools I’ve been using on and off for ages. Usually I create them in Picasa, the results can be a bit hit and miss depending on the sizes of images but a bit of fiddling can get the collage formatted right.

As mentioned in Week 8, another favourite is Layout by Instagram. I enjoy how seamlessly it works with Instagram and the ease of use. The biggest drawback is the lack of any ratio except a square image – I know it’s a throwback to the original Instagram format but I wish they’d update that option.


My newest go-to app for collage creation is one called PhotoGrid. It was a blessing to finally find an app that could create collages in landscape or portrait format. Like most photo collage apps it’s pretty easy to use and if you can ignore the adverts & watermark then it’s a great option!

This set is an ode to my love of coffee and the times I get to enjoy having one beside the river. I tried out a couple of options for PhotoGrid including adding a coloured background (coffee coloured of course!) and a funky frame.

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