Week 8 – Visual Themes & Storytelling

Editing in Snapseed

In an effort to record the interesting bits and bobs within our unit content, I’d like to share this link to a video on editing with Snapseed. Snapseed would have to be my ‘go to’ photo editing app for my iPhone and iPad. I love how simple it is to use but enjoy the power of the editing tools – they are anything but simple in effectiveness!

The video is from Megan at Easy to be Raw and it explains how to use Snapseed in really simple terms.

Photo Editing

Over the past few years I’ve put a lot of time into learning how to correctly edit my images. The biggest learning curve was a shift to shooting in raw and learning the mysteries of Adobe Lightroom. I must say that they were totally worth the pain of learning and I’m so much happier with how my images turn out. Luckily I had some intermediate knowledge of Photoshop so that made the task of learning Lightroom a bit easier. I still yearn for the ease of plugging images into Picasa and clicking ‘I’m feeling lucky’ though!

This week I’ve had another go at putting together some themed images. It is Autumn in Brisbane, although you would hardly know it with the warm days, sunny weather and flowers blooming everywhere.


IPhone Editing

A few years ago, I made the decision to move to total Apple based computer system. I already had an iPhone and iPad but the decision to move to a Mac laptop was not taken lightly by this long-term Windows user. The move was not without hiccups and the learning curve pretty steep but I think I’m over the worst of it now and can enjoy the ease of using the Apple products for photo editing. No complicated steps to get imagery and text between my laptop and devices – iCloud makes it all very simple!

There are a couple of Apple apps that I use on a regular basis for photo editing, especially for situations where I just need a quick edit and don’t want to move to my laptop.

Snapseed is my go-to app for photo editing but there are a couple of others that I love for different reasons –























Little Moments – an app developed by Fat Mum Slim especially for use with the FMS Photo a Day challenge. The app is a great editing tool but the beauty is it’s tie in to the challenge and easy uploading of daily photo prompt and hashtags to Instagram and Facebook. It also has some really cool text, quotes and overlay options for jazzing up an image. Find it here.























Camera + – another long-term favourite that allows me to set different focus and exposure points for an image. The app will also allow me to set shutter speeds, white balance and has a pretty cool macro function and editing filters. Find it here.


Instagram Layout – a brilliant app for making photo collages. It works intuitively at creating square collages – I wish it would get an upgrade for making landscape and portrait sized ones though! Find it here.























Whitagram – I originally started using this app to allow me to create ‘square’ images from landscape/portrait ones for sharing on Instagram. The app basically puts a square block of colour behind an image so it will easily upload without cropping to Instagram. Whitagram has since morphed into a handy editing app that has a suite of cool adjustment tools and filters and connection to Adobe Creative Cloud. Find it here.























Color Story – designed by A Beautiful Mess blogging duo Elise Larsen & Emma Chapman this app is a delight to play with. It comes loaded with a bunch of effects and filters but the joy is in discovering new ones by stacking effects and alternating their strength.























My favourites are the Organic and Candy Minimal filter packs. One really cool option within the app is the ability to use curves for photo adjustment. Find it here along with a bunch of useful tutorials.























Rhonna Designs – this is a pretty app created by artist Rhonna Farrar which allows you to add sweet frames, stickers, overlays, text and filters to your hearts content. All of the elements carry Rhonna’s signature design ethos and work beautifully together. Glitter frame anyone? Find it here.


This app is one I’ve known about for ages but never got around to playing with so I think I need to spend some time getting to know how it works.

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