Week 10 – My Place in a Social World

The final week of our course content! There has been so much information covered and inspiration provided, I think I’ll be working through my notes for a while to come.

This week we touch on the topics of privacy and copyright. I think everyone who shares imagery, information or even the tiniest bit about themselves online needs to know all they can about each of these topics and make decisions about their ‘line in the sand’.

When our boys first became active in social media, I made the decision to keep on top of what was happening so I could educate myself and my sons on safe use. Thankfully I also fell in love with the world of social media so it didn’t become a chore for me, I embraced a life lived online – but on my own terms.

For some, sharing online means sharing the smallest details of their life, the good, bad and truly ugly. While I’m comfortable sharing a lot of my life, there is much that I keep for me. I don’t share the yucky stuff, the days when all I can do is sit & watch TV due to my MS being a bit annoying and I’ve given up being concerned that this presents a rose-tinted view of life. It is what it is and that’s ok!

Instagram has become my happy place, the place I share the world around me in the hope of inspiring others to strive for a life well-lived life. Through photography and my art, I’ve gathered a wonderful international tribe of friends who are with me as cheerleaders and guides. I’m blessed to have been a stay at home mum, so life at home suits me well and I know it’s the best thing I can do to continue a healthy life with MS. I’ve long gotten over the need to work full time and rejoin the rat race, the little excursions into it through casual work are more than enough.

As an artist and papercrafter, I know that any project I put online may be copied and essentially that is what I hope people will do – use my projects for inspiration and their own joy. My work as a designer for various businesses has always had that focus, make something to inspire others who will hopefully buy the products and create something wonderful for themselves.

Narrowing Down for Final Project

As the final week & assignment submission looms I need to focus on my set of images for submission. I ended up with a choice of two – a Brisbane City Cycle story and a Star Wars themed set. I chose the City Cycle as it was quite a unique opportunity to showcase Brisbane and just surviving the day was something I was very proud of!

So that leaves the Star Wars set to share here. Early in June, the streets of Brisbane were overtaken by characters from Star Wars. They came en masse, almost without warning from the bottom of the Queen Street Mall and strode up the thoroughfare with great pomp and ceremony led by a piper. Children were delighted at seeing their favourite characters and the photographers revelled at the change to photograph something so interesting. The parade was run by the group behind Galactic Empire Charity Ball and aimed to raise money and awareness for kidney health.

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