My name is Robyn and I live in Brisbane, Australia. My husband and I have two sons who are now young adults and two happy whippets. Zed and Paige think they might actually be humans and we love them dearly – they are filled with such joy! I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005, it turned out to be a blessing as I was able to stay home & work casually, raise my boys and volunteer in my local community. Don’t think I would be quite into art and a creative life without having the gift of time to myself.

For as long as I can remember, creating things has been part of my life. Learning to sew at four and helping out in the family upholstery business firmly cemented a range of textile skills but my first love is paper.  Creating projects with rubber stamps provides me with endless fascination.  There is something magical about sitting down to create with rubber and ink, enjoying the process of creation and then having the fun of giving that joy to someone else!

What started as a whim, a wish to play with paint as well as paper has morphed into total immersion in the mixed media world. Needing something difficult (perhaps unachievable?) to tackle, something that would fire up my MS brain, I decided to learn to draw faces. I certainly fell down the rabbit hole on that one and I’ve enjoyed a magical tour of discovery about myself and the art world.

I also discovered that MS didn’t limit me but gave me to opportunity to try new things, make new friends and learn a bunch of new skills. I can indulge myself in a world filled with colour, imagery and texture – it’s a fabulous place! The pursuit of knowledge about mixed media has led me to travel interstate and overseas to learn from my favourite teachers – most recently to France and Italy for art retreats with Jane Davenport.

I enjoy sharing my creative process and knowledge, particularly online and am constantly playing with different ideas and supplies.

Instagram is a part of my daily life – I tend to share a lot of my work, work in progress shots, bits of my day and the doings of my whippets. Make sure you pop in to my Insta feed and say hello!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. So glad to have met you and the wonderful world of art journalling, which I am now totally immersed in. The classes are thoroughly enjoyable and your teaching style allows me to learn many new techniques and their purpose. I look forward to every lesson and what challenging page you have dreamt up!

  2. Hey Jenny, I am so blessed to have wonderful students like you in my classes! I love teaching and if I can share my love of mixed media & art journaling with you then it makes my heart very happy.

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