29 Days of Christmas Inspiration #20

Today I’d like to show you how to make a sweet triangular gift box using an A5 piece of pattered paper.  The paper needs to be on the heavy side or you can use some cardstock that has been stamped and decorated.  Any rectangular shaped paper will also work – just the size will vary.


Measure and mark the halfway point on each of the short ends.

Score from this halfway point to the centre fold on each of the four corners and fold into the centre.

Decorate the larger middle triangular sections.

Fold on the original centre fold, bringing all of the corners together. The folds will overlap and form a triangular box.

Punch a hole on each side, where the folded corners overlap.

Thread holes with gold cord and tie.

Nov Card Kit (3)

To make the bauble decoration, punch 12 circles approx. 1½” in diameter. Fold each in half and adhere halves together one at a time to form the bauble. Half way through the folding and gluing, add some fine cord so the bauble can be attached to the box.

Nov Card Kit (1)

These tiny boxes are perfect for hiding small treasures like jewellery and other tiny trinkets.

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