Art Journal

2018 – A Year of Slow

The start of a new year is always exciting for me; there are usually a bunch of new online classes about to start, I get invigorated anew for the photo a day challenges and that delicious quiet time between Christmas and New Year is a chance to recharge and reflect.














A mostly blank calendar seems to brim with possibility and adventure.














As in past years, I’ve chosen a word for the year – NOURISH served me well for 2017 and this year I hope SLOW will do the same in a slightly different way. So, 2018 will be a year of slowing down and taking notice of the little things, those everyday moments that we often forget as they pass in a flash. A year of doing more of the things that matter to me like spending time on my art, my photography and with friends and less of the things that don’t.

As each year passes, time seems to telescope together and life rushes by. Living with a degenerative illness means that each day comes with reminders that time is precious and should be celebrated. After twelve years of knowingly living with multiple sclerosis & possibly almost thirty years of having it, I’ve decided it is time to listen to those reminders for a change!

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of choosing a word, check out Ali Edwards and her posts on ‘One Little Word’. You don’t need to, but I take the annual online class with Ali as I find it keeps me on track throughout the year and opens my world to different ways of thinking about the passage of time and how it might be recorded and cherished.

I’d love to hear about your word if you choose one! I’m looking forward to sharing with you how I use mine in the coming year.










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