Wilderness Wandering, Robyn Wood, Purple Salt
Card making, Darkroom Door

Wilderness Wandering

Come wandering in the wilderness with me?

Did you know that Australia has many wonderful wilderness areas? As a family we have been lucky to have visited some on the East coast but there are so many to explore. The Wilderness themed collection of products from Darkroom Door seeks to capture some of our wild places and recently I was given the Wilderness Word Block stamp to use in some projects.

Wilderness Wandering, Robyn Wood, Purple Salt

The first project I created for this stamp was a watery watercolour one using an embossed image of the stamp as a resist. It was fun to splash watercolour around while making this one!

Wilderness Wandering, Robyn Wood, Purple Salt

You can see my full card plus details on how it was made on the Darkroom Door blog.


2 thoughts on “Wilderness Wandering”

  1. Ohhh – I love this! A combination of two of my loves – words and travel. The word ‘wilderness’ sets my heart ablaze. The photo that’s attached in the first photo is one I’d love to paint. Great texture and soothing colours too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment Alex! I love using words in my projects, they speak to my soul in a myriad of ways. The owner of Darkroom Door knows I always love using these word blocks.
    The image is one Rachel took in Tasmania of Cradle Mountain. Have you been there? It is a stunning part of our world.

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