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Preparations and Ponderings

It is funny how a much longed for holiday can seem like years away, almost like an impossible goal, then suddenly it is just days away.

Robyn Wood - Dreams quote

At the end of this week, my hubby and I will be travelling to France, to Paris, the City of Lights and the place of dreams. Our first week will be spent in Paris, exploring, eating, shopping and soaking up all that Paris has to offer. Then we go our separate ways for a week – Brian to do a few side tours and me to attend an art retreat. Our final week will be spent around the Loire Valley, exploring the region and enjoying the food and sights and I’m sure a château or three.

Paris escape artists retreat

Can you imagine how impossible it might seem to attend an art retreat, in another country, with a bunch of strangers?? It was at first, especially as I wasn’t sure how my MS would behave on the long flight, but it is amazing what difference a will to try something can make. My art teacher will be the wonderful Jane Davenport, my art friend and mentor so I figured why not take the chance!

We have had a mile long list of things to organise and places to research. Thank goodness the internet makes the process very easy. A week-long art retreat means that I need a journal (or two, maybe three) and a bunch of art supplies. Deciding what to take and what to leave at home is a difficult task – I have way too many favourites. With a visit to the Paris Sennelier store, the oldest art store in Paris on the art retreat itinerary I think I’ll be covered if I forget something.

Robyn Wood - A is for...altered book

Now our dream holiday is upon us and we are set for a wonderful ride!

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