Sun Printing with Lumi Inkodye

Lumi sun printed pouch by Robyn Wood, Purple Salt, www.purplesalt.net

Hello! This week I’m sharing a project on the Inspiration Lane blog which uses Lumi Inkodye inks.

As you can probably gather from my Gelli printed and stamped projects I’m a bit fascinated by different printing techniques.  Lumi have developed a product that uses the power of sunlight to create a printed image – so many possibilities!


Anyway, come check out my project on the blog – I have a bunch of pictures to show you the steps.  I’d love to see what you create so please leave a comment below or post a pic to my Facebook page.

I thought I would show you my practice piece as well – I used some magenta ink and painted a taped off rectangle of heavy calico and used a paint encrusted stencil for the shadow. The paint gave the stencil a useful opaqueness!

Lumi play (2)

Note to self – lock the dog off the deck before printing. My whippet was very curious and shifted the stencil a little with his nose!

Lumi play (3)

If you look you can see how the stencil is lifted a little from the fabric surface, it gave the final print a slightly diffuse look on that side.

Lumi play (1)

My finished fabric piece. The bottom of this image is where the stencil had moved a little – I rather like the blurry shapes. I’ll use this piece to make another pouch once I dust of my sewing machine.


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