Art Journal

What’s In My Sketchbook?

photo 2

Well, actually there are lots of things in my sketchbooks & art journals, most are just practices of techniques or notes of things to try but lately I’ve been making a concerted effort to actually draw, regularly and finish things rather than leaving them because the self critic was talking a little too loudly.

At the beginning of April I spent a couple of nights in hospital, I have multiple sclerosis and it was making itself known by affecting my sight. I’ve been diagnosed since early 2005, first big attack in late 2004 & really not much since so it was a big wake up call. I often get sore hands, fatigue & yucky numbness but nothing this scary and it has caused a little rethink. I’m taking more time to rest, more time to create and enjoy the little things in life that little bit extra. Part of that is a commitment to share more online, as a way of keeping myself honest and away from the business of life.

So here a couple of recent drawings/paintings from my Moleskin planner, the place I’m trying to do the ‘Documented Life’ project but mostly it’s a place to record crafty stuff – and draw!

The one at the top I did in hospital with limited supplies and someone looking over my shoulder every few minutes.

photo 3

This one I did a while ago while watching a Pam Carriers video. A very different way to draw & shade but I like it.


This girl is my one from yesterday, I am finding I like to sketch on lined paper – give it a bit of evenness or something.

I’m linking this post to Dion Dior’s site for her Friday Sketches posts – they have been keeping me inspired of late and I’m a great fan of Dion’s, a fellow Aussie.

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