Preparations and Ponderings

It is funny how a much longed for holiday can seem like years away, almost like an impossible goal, then suddenly it is just days away.

Robyn Wood - Dreams quote

At the end of this week, my hubby and I will be travelling to France, to Paris, the City of Lights and the place of dreams. Our first week will be spent in Paris, exploring, eating, shopping and soaking up all that Paris has to offer. Then we go our separate ways for a week – Brian to do a few side tours and me to attend an art retreat. Our final week will be spent around the Loire Valley, exploring the region and enjoying the food and sights and I’m sure a château or three.

Paris escape artists retreat

Can you imagine how impossible it might seem to attend an art retreat, in another country, with a bunch of strangers?? It was at first, especially as I wasn’t sure how my MS would behave on the long flight, but it is amazing what difference a will to try something can make. My art teacher will be the wonderful Jane Davenport, my art friend and mentor so I figured why not take the chance!

We have had a mile long list of things to organise and places to research. Thank goodness the internet makes the process very easy. A week-long art retreat means that I need a journal (or two, maybe three) and a bunch of art supplies. Deciding what to take and what to leave at home is a difficult task – I have way too many favourites. With a visit to the Paris Sennelier store, the oldest art store in Paris on the art retreat itinerary I think I’ll be covered if I forget something.

Robyn Wood - A is for...altered book

Now our dream holiday is upon us and we are set for a wonderful ride!

Come join me in Joynal….an online class to delight and enjoy!

Would you like to enter the world of fairy tales? Of unicorns? Of forest dwellers and mythical creatures? Come and play in the creative world of Jane Davenport and the happy band of students who take online classes in Jane’s Online Art School.

As a student you would share in our joy in learning to create whimsical girls and other creatures under Jane’s excellent guidance. Come join us for the next running of the online art class Joynal, starting September 1. You can find all the details and signup here.

A fairy from Joynal

I’ve been a student in Jane’s school for a number of years and am blessed to count her as a friend. I’ve dipped in and out of many of the lessons in the classes and find them easy to follow and complete. Through learning online, I’ve been able to turn my pretty awful stick figures into beautiful whimsical girls. Finding the time & motivation to practice is my biggest challenge but I love the process of learning.

Although some drawing experience would be helpful for this class, Jane always covers the basics of drawing a face so with some time & practice you will soon be drawing alongside us. Check out my flying fairy that I did during the first round of Joynal, it was a bit of a challenge to do her arms but I was so pleased with how she turned out.

Jane is giving her blog readers a chance to win a scholarship to Joynal. Just pop over here by tomorrow and leave a comment on who is your favourite fairy tale character and you are in with a chance! (By writing this post I also have a chance to win a lovely prize of some beautiful Daniel Smith watercolours & a set of brushes. You can never have enough delicious supplies!)

Good luck and remember to say hi to me if you join up to the class.

Oh and my favourite fairytale character? Little Red Riding Hood – she was a brave girl with an awesome red cape!

Sometimes you get a do over……

Hello and welcome to my newly refurbished blog! Recently I went to a conference that was all about blogging  and came home inspired to restart my little place on the web. So it was time for a do over. You can look forward to a variety of posts, from my latest craft projects to bits about where I live and the adventures I have as I pursue creativity. I have a huge adventure, one of those once in a lifetime bucket list things coming up in October so stay tuned.

The view from Kangaroo Point

I’d like to share a few pics of my beautiful city – Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane is a river city and we are lucky to live quite close to the CBD so I can easily zip in for some shopping or just to take time to sit by the river.

Southbank boardwalk
From the Southbank boardwalk you can see up & down the river
Southbank bouganivilliea arbour

Southbank could be considered the heart of our city, it was originally home to World Expo 88 but has morphed into a gathering place for residents and visitors and is often the hub of festivals and events. It is now home to a good variety of restaurants, a cinema, an entertainment and cultural precinct as well as beautiful parks and walkways plus an inner city beach & swimming lagoon. It is usually full of families on weekends and during school holidays and is a must do destination for visitors.

Zed 1
Isn’t he beautiful?

We share our home with two fur babies who are a huge part of our lives. This is my boy Zed, a 3 1/2 year old whippet who is as crazy as they come but we love him dearly. You will surely see my girl Xena, an English Toy Terrier in later posts.

Zed is a sighthound and loves to run so we spend lots of time together in local parks

You will see from the pages below that I love to be creative in a variety of ways. Rubber stamping and cardmaking is my first love but that has been almost overtaken by a complete addiction to mixed media and art journaling. Over the years, I have taken and continue to take online classes to enable me to master better skills and I hope to share more of what I have learnt with you.

'The bird of night' art journal page by Robyn Wood,
The Bird of Night art journal page

With a plunge into the world of self hosted blogs and the inspiration I gained at the ProBlogger conference, I have also decided to pursue opportunities to make a little money from my blog. I’ll be sure to make such arrangements obvious when posting.

Take a Moment

Smell the flowers - Robyn Wood 1

Today I’d like to share an art journal page that I created for LuLu Art using some self-carved stamps. Late last year, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer did a challenge to carve a stamp every day and I found it very inspiring and my fingers have itched to give it a go. You can find her posts here or do a search on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #carveDecember to find lots of inspiring images from other people.
As you can probably gather from my blog, I love my commercial rubber stamps! I won’t be letting them go any time soon but this project was a great inspiration starter and I know I’ll be doing more.
Stamp carving is a perfect skill for when you have that ‘I just need….’ dilemma during a project. Check out the little collection I made during my carving stint –



A word of warning – stamp carving tools are sharp! Keep the blade pointed away from you, work in a well-lit area and go slowly until you get a feel for the rubber. I actually learnt to carve timber as a teenager so found it all came back very quickly but the process is really simple – and lots of fun!


Smell the flowers - Robyn Wood 2

Pop over to the LuLu Art blog to find out a full list of supplies, which as usual are available from this magical, online store!

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget that there is a LuLu Art Facebook page to share your creations or just stop in for a chat. As always you can follow me on Facebook here.